High Quality Glow in the Dark Tape

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High Quality Glow in the Dark Tape


Heskins High Quality Glow in the Dark Egress Tape is engineered for long glow times for emergency glow markings. These tapes glow up to 30 hours in emergency lights out conditions, providing maximum safety use when the marking are needed most.

  • Length: 49 feet
  • Glow Time: Super: 7 Hours
  • Glow Time: Premium: 30 Hours
  • Not recommended for use on floors with heavy traffic


Egress photolu­min­escent tape is a smooth demarcation tape, used for marking areas in buildings to guide you during power outs or lights out situations. The glow in the dark properties are from photolu­min­escent powder applied to the base film. When the lights go out, the powder, which is full of photons that store energy from natural or artificial light, release this energy in a bright glow, guiding you down stairways, along walkways and through door ways and exits.

Luminance of glow in the dark material is measured in millicandelas per square meter ( mcd/m2 ). Measurements of products are judged on how long an after glow takes to reach 0.32 mcd/m2, which is when it is rendered ineffective. Premium is the best performer, at full charge taking approximately 1800 minutes ( 30 hours ) to reach 0.32 mcd/m2. Super takes approximately 450 minutes ( 7 hours ) to reach that mark. ASTM 2072 stipulates that the levels of luminance at 10 minutes should be 30mcd/m² and at 60 minutes should be 4.4mcd/m² and from the above results we can show that they far exceed these regulation requirements.

  • Exceptionally long afterglow performance

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