Microprismatic Tape

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Microprismatic Tape


  • Length: 150 feet
  • Extra-reflective surface


Microp­ris­matic tape is a reflective tape with very high retro­ref­lective values. Suitable for application to objects where visibility needs to be increased. The reason for the high-performance levels is the retro-reflective surface created by man-made 3 point prisms, which return 80% of the light directly back to the source, making this a much higher performing material. So much so that it has a 5 year retro-reflective performance. It is an engineering grade prismatic tape, commonly referred to as EGP reflective tape. The name is applied due to microp­ris­matics use as a high-performance reflective tape in warehouses and factories. Microp­ris­matic tape is suitable for applying to static objects such as posts, barriers and life jackets, as well as mobile objects such as boats, heavy machinery and motorcycles.

  • Focused retro­ref­lective values
  • Micro-engineered 3 point prisms on the surface
  • Retro­ref­lective performance of 5 years

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