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Schedule a Walkthrough

Schedule a Walkthrough

Fill out the form below and we will get back to you within 1 business day. You can also schedule an appointment by phone by calling 1-844-4KASAMA. Safety Walkthroughs are FREE for customers in Oregon and SW Washington! Outside the area? We will contact you with a free quote for our services.


What to Expect

Before the Meeting

Before we set up an on-site safety walkthrough, we'll ask a few questions to know what kind of environment we'll be walking into so we can have the appropriate PPE before we arrive. Generally, we send two representatives for safety walkthroughs to keep our impact minimal to operations.

Meet & Greet, Primary Concerns (10-15 minutes)

If you're reaching out for a walkthrough, there's probably a reason. After a brief meet & greet, we'll dig in by focusing on your top safety concerns and goals. We'll collaborate on a list of top concern areas for the walkthrough based on incident reports, worker's compensation claims, near-miss reports, and any other safety data you may have.

Walkthrough (10 - 30 minutes, site dependent)

Next, we'll walk along with you to each concern area on the list and identify/verify existing hazards. While observing these concern areas specifically, we will also be keeping an eye on processes and trends surrounding those areas to see if they contribute to the safety concerns, as well as opportunities for training & process improvement.

Summary & Next Steps (5 - 10 Minutes)

After the walkthrough, we will quickly debrief and lay any observations not discussed during the walkthrough. We will point out immediate out-of-compliance issues first, followed by any other safety issues. With your feedback, we'll work with you to develop a hazard prevention and control plan as well as appropriate next steps to continually improve safety and productivity.

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