The world’s first flexible barriers, bollards and rack protection products.

The A-Safe® multi-patented line of collision protection products delivers award-winning barrier and bollard solutions for a wide range of industrial applications. Featuring revolutionary flexible designs, A-Safe products are engineered to provide unparalleled protection from impact while also protecting vehicles, barriers, and floors from damage. These products are already being used in a number of word class facilities with significant ROI and loss reduction.

A-Safe is Flexible
Patented flexible design absorbs impact with ZERO damage to vehicle, rail, or floor
A-Safe Uses Advanced Materials
Advanced Memaplex™ polymer material dissipates impact force and reforms after a collision
A-Safe is Food-Safe
Food and beverage industry-safe; Wipe-clean exterior

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About A-Safe®

Revolutionary Flexible Construction
The only flexible safety barriers on the market, A-Safe® products provide the highest protection for your assets and equipment by absorbing the impacts and snapping back into shape.
FOD-Safe, Food and Beverage-Safe
Designed to be safe in the most sensitive environments. All components are engineered to clean easily and withstand washdowns.
Patented 3-Phase Coupling System
A-Safe®'s coupling technology makes the equipment joints incredibly strong, preventing failures.
Modular Design
A-Safe® products are highly felxible and customizble to meet the unique needs of your facility. You can even change out the rail systems after install without removing the base.

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