eFlex Double RackEnd (eFlex DRE)

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eFlex Double RackEnd (eFlex DRE)


Deflect and absorb damage from forklifts and other vehicles with low centers of gravity with A-Safe e-Flex™ Rackend Barriers. Spinning collars are an innovative feature on these barriers that further deflect impacts.


Designed to protect the end of racking aisles where turning vehicles and equipment can impact vulnerable racking structures.

The Double Rail version will absorb and deflect repeated contact from heavier vehicles with higher centres of gravity, preventing damage to racking systems. The circular end posts provide enhanced protection at the barrier ends which are most susceptible to impact. Innovative spinning collars further deflect and dissipate impact forces.

  • Preserved floors
    Unique internal structure dissipates impact forces, preventing floor damage.
  • Reduced repair costs
    MEMAPLEX™ material flexes, absorbs and reforms repeatedly upon impact, preventing the need for replacement.
  • Maintenance free
    Non-corrosive, non-scratch, non-repaint, water resistant, self-coloured and UV stabilised for minimal maintenance.
  • Decreased downtime
    Impact absorption prevents damage to vulnerable infrastructure such as door frames and overhead conveyors, eliminating downtime and increasing efficiency.

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