iFlex Swing Gate Short

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iFlex Swing Gate Short


Use an iFlex Short Swing Gate to add entry/exit points for pedestrians in your A-Safe® modular safety barrier system.

  • Food and beverage-safe
  • Hydraulic self-closing mechanism
  • Compatible with all A-Safe® guardrails
  • Easily cleanable

Short Swing Gates provide access and exit points for pedestrians. They act as a physical stop so the pedestrian has to open the gate instead of walking straight through a gap or into a crossing point.

A hydraulic self-close automatically returns the gate to its closed position after use to maintain safety.

The gates have a double swing action, but are also supplied with gate stops which can be integrated to limit movement to one direction and force pedestrians to pause and pull the gate towards them, further enhancing safety. Compatible with all guardrails used in pedestrian segregation and can be installed on their own or in pairs to increase the size of the opening.

  • Preserved floors
    Unique internal structure dissipates impact forces, preventing floor damage.
  • Reduced repair costs
    MEMAPLEX™ material flexes, absorbs and reforms repeatedly upon impact, preventing the need for replacement.
  • Maintenance free
    Non-corrosive, non-scratch, non-repaint, water resistant, self-coloured and UV stabilised for minimal maintenance.
  • Decreased downtime
    Impact absorption prevents damage to vulnerable infrastructure such as door frames and overhead conveyors, eliminating downtime and increasing efficiency.

Specifically engineered for the food and drink industry – our products benefit from stainless steel base plates, no ingress points and a hygienically wipe clean exterior. They’re also non-toxic and anti-corrosive, and available in a convenient freezer grade derivative that withstands temperatures as low as -40°C.

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