Best Floor Marking Tapes For Loading Docks

Marking the floors of your loading docks and other busy areas can be a difficult task- forklifts, pallet jacks, and foot traffic can often be tough on lines used for safety markings and area identification. Because of this wear and tear, some companies need to re-paint or re-tape their docks monthly, or even weekly!

There are a number of industrial or heavy duty floor marking tapes on the market that are designed to try to address this issue- this article will cover a few of our favorite forklift-resistant tapes to create durable, long-lasting floor lines in these often problematic areas.

*Note: Tapes listed in no particular order.

SafetyTac 2.0

1. SafetyTac® 2.0

Upgraded material, premiere performance

Rigid, dense material
Extremely strong adhesive

SafetyTac® 2.0 is the lastest and toughest line in the SafetyTac family of floor marking tapes. Building on the success of the original SafetyTac tapes, SafetyTac 2.0 is designed to be denser and more rigid to resist damage caused by forklift wheel pivoting. Available in 2” and 4” widths, and in 7 OSHA-standard colors, SafetyTac 2.0 is ideal for marking loading docks, shipping lanes, and other high-taffic areas where forklifts can cause lower-grade tapes to fail prematurely.

Brady ToughStripe Max

2. Brady® ToughStripe Max

Industrial-tested tape from a global safety leader

Result of 2+ years of rigorous R&D
Extreme resistance to damage from spinning forklift wheels

Known as one of the biggest names in industrial safety, Brady went back to the drawing board with ToughStripe Max, engineering it to be thinner than most other heavy duty tapes, but tough enough to outlast others in extreme conditions. Brady's R&D department spent over 2 years developing and testing ToughStripe Max in industrial environments, making sure everything from the edge profile to material composition were tough enough to last under pressure.

Durastripe Supreme V

3. Durastripe® Supreme V

Durable, lightly textured heavy duty tape

Tough material with a lightly textured surface
Available in hazard-striped color combinations

DuraStripe Supreme V is a popular choice of safety professionals for marking the floors of loading docks and shipping bays. Supreme V represents the fifth formulation of the DuraStripe Supreme product, and combines a texured, conformable top layer material and a super strong adhesive. DuraStripe Supreme V is available in 7 solid colors and 4 hazard-striped options in rolls measuring 100 feet in length.

SafetyTac Original

4. SafetyTac®

SafetyTac's tough, original formulation

Low profile, high performance
Used by many of the world's biggest companies

SafetyTac® is the original formulation in the SafetyTac line of industrial floor striping products from Creative Safety Supply. It is a universally tough tape, performing well in a wide variety of environments and on many different floor types. SafetyTac can even be used outdoors, on asphalt or concrete in many cases! This tape is built to withstand many of the common industrial wear and tear scenarios, and as such is used in countless warehouses and logistics facilities. SafetyTac is low profile, easy to clean, and easy to install. Available in 10 colors and 4 hazard striped options.

Marking Loading Docks


When choosing a tape for marking your loading docks, it’s important to choose a solution that will work in your specific environment. We recommend first trying out a sample of a tape you're interested in on the floor in your facility to test it against your forklifts, foot traffic, and cleaning routines. If you need help figuring out which tapes make sense for you, or if you need samples of a specific tape, give us a call at 1-844-4KASAMA or email us at