LabelTac Magnetic Supply

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LabelTac Magnetic Supply


LabelTac® Magnetic label supply is a magnetic material made for creating labels and signage without adhesives on metal* surfaces. Magnetic label supply has a moderate holding power, making it great for industrial signage, rack and barcode labels, and other applications where markings need to be removed and reapplied regularly to metal surfaces. 

  • Outdoor Life Rating: 5+ Years
  • Service Temperature Range: -15° F to 160° F
  • Minimum Application Temperature: Not applicable
  • Thickness: 15mil magnetic layer, 18mil overall
  • Approx. 40lb/ sq. ft. pull rating
  • Multi-pole magnetic configuration
  • Non-adhesive
  • Waterproof, UV / Chemical / Smear Resistant

*Magnetic materials attract to iron, cobalt, nickel, and alloys containing those metals.


Magnetic Supply comes with a high-quality magnetic backing for lasting use. Perfect for a wide-range of industrial applications where permanent labels are not necessary. Attaches to any magnetic surface. No glues or chemicals are used in this supply, reducing label application and removal times. Labels and signs made with Magnetic Supply are easy to apply and peel-away for reuse elsewhere, allowing you to create permanent, moveable labels. Could be applied to metal gates or fences for temporary closure/maintenance notices on equipment or in hazardous areas.

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