Flexible A-Safe® Collision Protection

Flexible A-Safe® Collision Protection

Flexible safety solutions by A-Safe® provide unparalleled protection while also protecting your forklifts, floors, and equipment from damage.

  • Flexible devices ABSORB impacts, preventing need for repairs or replacement when struck
  • No secondary damage to vehicles or floors when struck
  • Highly visible
  • Food and beverage industry-safe
  • Long life, low maintenance
  • High return on investment
A-Safe family of flexible products

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A-Safe Traffic Barriers

Stop settling for steel safety products and experience the A-Safe® difference.

Highly visibile

A-Safe® products are designed to be highly visible for safety and give employees confidence that they are well protected.

Cutting edge

A-Safe® continually expands their family of products with new and cutting edge innovations to protect your assets and employees.

Low carbon footprint

A-Safe® products generate less than 50% of the CO2 of steel systems during manufacture and over 4.5x less over their lifetime.

Return on Investment

Compare costs of 100 feet of steel guardrails against A-Safe® Traffic Guardrails in a high traffic1 area. ROI is reached within the first year when factoring in extended costs in this example.

A-Safe® eFlex Single Traffic Guardrail+


Initial cost $7,950
Replacement (3 years) n/a
Repainting (3 years) n/a
Total 3 year cost -$7,950
Steel Guardrails


Initial cost $6,500
Replacement (3 years)2 $2,600
Repainting (3 years)3 $2,400
Total 3 year cost -$11,500

Prices shown are estimates. Product installation costs vary and are not included, but are comparable between the two product types.

1 High traffic areas are considered areas that have over 100 traffic movements past the barrier in a single 24 hour period.

2 Replacement costs assume (4) replaced 10’ barrier sections over 3 years. Does not include damage to floors. Does not include product installation costs.

3 Repainting costs assume repainting barriers once annually.

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