Bollards are short posts that are used for dividing areas and deflecting traffic, either for protective or visual guidance purposes. They are available in a wide range of sizes, colors and are usually constructed of metal or concrete- although new flexible bollards have recently come on the market. Bollards can be bolted directly into your concrete floors, or can be recessed into floors allowing them to be removable.

When used as a protective barrier, bollards prevent vehicles such as trucks, cars, and forklifts from crossing into an area that would be unsafe- protecting assets, equipment, and people.

Bollards can also be used as a visual guidance system, defining perimeters and guiding traffic along a determined path. They are often deployed in front of buildings, at the mouths of pedestrian walkways leading to/from parking areas, and inside facilities that mix pedestrian and vehicle traffic, such as distribution facilities, where the division of pedestrian traffic lanes from areas with heavy equipment traffic is critical.

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